Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paw-Connect and how can it be helpful for my pet?

Paw-Connect is a social forum, which lets you socialize, share ideas, and learn from others’ experiences. The platform can help in sharing quick ideas, and exchange discussions in the community.

Do I have to pay for adopting a pet?

You don’t pay anything to Pawmaniti for adopting a pet, however, some shelters or rescue centers have nominal adoption fee, that helps them to cover medical care while the pet is waiting to be homed.

Why is adoption better than buying pets?

When you buy, you encourage the concept of puppy mills, which practices quick breeding in poor conditions, resulting in horrible animal cruelty. If more people start adopting pets instead of buying, then the number of stray cats and dogs can decrease drastically. When you adopt a pet, it becomes part of your family and in this way, shelter makes space for other deserving animals. Search for #adoptdontshop.

Can i book multiple services on Pawmaniti?

 Yes, booking appointments at various pet places is just a click away at Pawmaniti. You will get instant confirmations for your bookings.

Do I have to pay for creating an account?

 No, creating an account on Pawmaniti is absolutely free.

Can I adopt more than one pet?

Yes, you can also adopt more than one pet, but adopting is but at the sole discretion of the rescuing authority.

What is the pet adoption policy?

 The policy depends on each rescue center & shelter. Mostly the first step is to access your application. When your application is approved, you may meet the pet you like and provide the necessary documents and adoption fee (if any). Once the processing is done, you can go-ahead and get your 4 legged love home.

Does Pawmaniti work in all emirates in UAE?

Yes, Pawmaniti is in all the emirates.