Food supplements for Better Pet Health

Like humans, our beloved animals also need vitamins and extra supplements to lead a healthy life. As a loving pet parent, you would love to know that not only do extra supplements like these help in getting rid of some health issues but also improve the quality of life of your furry companions.

In a majority of  cases giving supplements is mostly based on the saying, “Prevention is the best cure.” It is important that you take the right steps and provide the best to your pet.

As always, do not forget to consult your veterinary nutritionist before any news supplements in your furr buddy’s life.


It is important to note that pumpkin is a very healthy supplement for dogs. The pumpkin should be given in the form of a puree (either from a can or freshly plucked.) Make sure, you don’t feed your pet a pumpkin which is similar to a pie filling and is laced with harmful sugar components.

If given in the right manner, it is excellent for your pet’s digestion and also helps to relieve them from gland issues.

Fish Oil 

If you are looking for ways to get that shiny fur back on your companion, Fish oil might be your answer. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which will help decrease the scratching and elevate the quality of the first layer. It also helps restore fat molecules which in turn trap moisture, boosting the skin membranes of the pet.


Ginger is said to enhance the process of digestion in little beings. Since it also helps in nausea, it is also advised to be given to pets who suffer from car sickness.


The healthy yellow powder is known to work wonders for the ‘joints’ of your pet and also reduces pain and inflammation in their body.

Coconut Oil

As unbelievable as it may sound, coconut oil apart from it’s other health benefits is a great tool to give your pet fresh breath. The oil works as toothpaste and helps clean the teeth of your little companion.

Apart from these, you can also take in antioxidants to increase immunity and things like fresh veggies to help the little beings with their eyesight.

These are just a few common items that lay around your house and have great use when it comes to taking care of your little pet. 

Don’t forget every animal has its own special nutritional needs and it is strictly advised to keep a professional involved whenever you are introducing something new in the diet of your furry beloved.


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